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  • Call us: +91 9920992020
  • Mail US : techsupport@qrcia.com
  • ADD US : Dynamic Consulting
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QRC Investment Advisors


QRC Investment Advisors LLP (QRC) is a SEBI registered Portfolio Management Service (PMS) provider founded in 2017.

Our foremost objective is to execute a successful investment strategy for our clients that is agnostic to market capitalization and benchmarks. We intend to do this by leveraging the founders’ deep expertise and experiences across multiple functions within the capital market spanning 45 plus years collectively.

We believe in a conservative approach that protects downside and results in a steady growth of wealth as opposed to one that ‘promises’ big returns but comes with significantly higher risks which are rarely, if at all ever fully understood.


The idea of QRC was conceived on Queens Road Central in Hong Kong (popularly called QRC). QRC also represents the tenets that form the foundational ethos of our firm – Quality, Research & Client Focus.

Quality – The most important aspect of our investment in a company is the Quality of its business along with the integrity and capability of owner-managers who are running it. We look businesses which generate solid and consistent cash flow and fund growth through internal accruals. We delve into the dealings by owner/managers’ with other external stake-holders along with how they have built the business to appreciate the key intangible qualitative aspects of the business.


Research – We follow a thorough and diligent Research process to identify quality investment opportunities. This includes building a deep understanding of the business and its key drivers through our frequent and candid discussions with the company’s management, its competitors, its customers and vendors. This is in addition to the key quantitative metrics such as high returns on capital, low debt on its balance sheet etc.


Client Focus – Our goal is to protect and build our clients’ wealth over the long term. We achieve this by preventing permanent loss of capital while taking appropriate risks that we understand.


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“To make money in stocks, you must have vision to see, courage to buy and patience to hold. Patience is the rarest of the three.” -- Thomas Phelps

“ We have to practice defensive investing, since many of the outcomes are likely to go against us. It’s more important to ensure survival under negative outcomes than it is to guarantee maximum returns under favorable ones.” ― Howard Marks

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